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How do I get to UC Berkeley from the San Francisco airport(SFO)?

If you can’t get a ride, consider taking a door-to-door van(Bayporter) to the campus. It is as convenient as a taxi, but costs less. Like a taxi driver, they will help you load your luggage, and will drop you off in front of the door of your destination. If you are coming to SFO( San Francisco International Airport) from outside the US, you will pickup your luggage and go through customs. You will go out through a gate where people are waiting for other people to come out. Take escalator/elevator to go to the top level, which is level 3. Go outside, and across the street you will see a small island designed for people to wait for buses and door-to-door vans.

There will be a person with a 2-way radio. Tell this person that you are going to Berkeley. This person will call a van for you, and it will arrive within a couple of minutes. (picture). You need to tell the driver the address you want them to drop you off. An address by itself is usually not enough information for the driver, and you may be asked for the cross street(the closest street that meets the street in the address). For example, “Bancroft and Piedmont” is better than 2299 Piedmont Ave. One way trip from SFO to Berkeley is around $36.00.

Good news!

The much anticipated San Francisco Airport BART station is open from 5:30am to 12:00pm! (BART is the name of the local subway) You may purchase a BART ticket by credit card or cash. Luggage is permitted on BART. More information here. For your info, downtown Berkeley BART station is the closest one to campus, and it is about a 20 min walk Unit 1 Suites University of California, Berkeley 2650 Durant Avenue Berkeley, CA 94720 in case you have heavy luggage. There are taxi’s waiting outside of the downtown Berkeley BART station main exit(the only one with an escalator).

If you are renting a car at the airport, driving directions can be found here. Information on taxis and other transportation methods can be found at the official SFO site. Click on “ground transport”.

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