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How can I get phone service in my new home?

18 June 2011

The phone system in the US can be quite confusing to most foreigners. For instance, there are local phone companies and long distance companies to choose from. To establish a phone line, you must call SBC ), and apply for a residential phone service. There are actually so many options to choose from, it would help to visit their web site at before calling. Most people I know order flat rate local toll with call waiting. This way, even though you use your modem all the time, you only pay a fixed amount of fee per month. If your annual income is below a certain amount, you may apply for universal life line service, which means saving a couple of dollars each month. After all this, you have to choose from a long distance company, because without one, you will either have to use calling cards or special connection numbers (like 1010 numbers) to call places outside a mere several miles from where you live. A huge list of these companies can be found on Yahoo.

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