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Financial Aid & Scholarship Links

Below are links for financial aid sites, followed by a listing of various independent scholarships and scholarship databases. Scholarships specifically reviewed by the BCC Scholarship Committee are denoted with an asterisk ().  Please note:  many of the scholarships listed below are not screened or endorsed by BCC or PCCD, please use your good judgement when deciding to apply.


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  • Jerry L. Adams Scholarship of the Berkeley Community Fund (for BCC students)
    see Peralta Colleges Foundation Scholarships application link below
  • Joseph Tully Criminal Justice System Scholarship (NEW) $1000
  • Kosciuszko Foundation Tuition Scholarships for Polish-American Students
  • Lakehouse Recovery Annual Scholarship (NEW) $1000
  • Lendza “Better Than a Loan”2016 Scholarship
  • Maryland Artists Scholarship
  • Mental Health Education Scholarship – Anxiety Treatment Education
  • Nathaniel B. Preston Scholarship for Lyme Disease
  • National Hispanic Health Foundation Scholarship
  • Native American Scholarships
  • New York Hip and Knee Scholarship $1000
  •  Osher Scholarship for Berkeley City College Students
    see Peralta Colleges Foundation Scholarships application link below
  • Paradigm New York General Education Scholarship (NEW) $1000
  • Peralta Community College District Chancellor’s Trophy Award / BCC President’s Medallion Award
    see Peralta Colleges Foundation Scholarships application link below
  • Peralta Colleges Foundation Scholarships
    Available Scholarships:  link to current awards
  • Pre-Veterinary and General Animal Husbandry Education Scholarship – $1000
  • Rxight™ Scholarship Program for Pharmacy Studies – $1000
  • SchoolTutoring Academy College Scholarship – $500
  • Snap Agency Web Design for Generations SCHOLARSHIPS – $1000
  • The Customized Girl Annual Scholarship (NEW) $500 to 5 Winners
  • The Drive to Learn Scholarship $1000
  • You Deserve It Scholarship 
  • Young Entreprenuer Scholarship (NEW) $1500
  • Scholarship (NEW) $2000
  • 2016 Joseph Tully Students for Integrity in the Criminal Justice System Scholarship (NEW) $1000



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