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Welcome Spring 2016 Instructors!

Dear Spring 2016 Moodle Course Instructors,

This letter is for instructors who are using the District’s Moodle website (Spring 2016 – not available yet). The District will create a shell for each course you are teaching, and will add you as Teacher into it. You do not need to request a Moodle course. The District will also upload enrolled students into the courses approximately two weeks before the start of the semester, but students will not be able to access your course until you have opened it to them. Please see How To Open Your Course To Studentsbelow on how to do this.


Checklist to Get Ready for the Semester:

  1. Get your courses migrated – fill out the online Moodle Course Migration Form to request your courses to be moved or to combine sections.
  2. Login to the Spring 2016 Moodle Online Course Site when it is available, probably at
  3. Check your course shells – by default, all shells are closed to students.
  4. Check your Participants list – one to two weeks before the semester.
  5. Send Welcome email to students – for online-only courses.
  6. Open your course to your students.


BCC instructors needing help with Moodle or the BCC campus website (WordPress) should contact or come to Room 343 for assistance (M-Th, 10 – 3) or check out our Distance Education website at Instructors may also contact Fabian Banga, BCC Distance Education Coordinator, at, for help on Moodle.


Students needing help with Moodle login should contact the District Moodle HelpDesk at or see Theresa in Room 562 during her office hours (Mon. – Thurs., 10 – 3). To login, students use their PASSPORT User ID, but their Moodle password is their birthdate in yyyymmdd format (all numbers).



1. Migrate Your Courses:

Please use our online form named “Moodle Course Migration Form” to request a previous course to be duplicated into your Spring 2016 Moodle course. You will need to login. If you have never logged in at BCC Resources, please use your PROMT username (without the email part and your Employee ID# as the password. For login assistance, please contact Theresa Rumjahn at


2. Login to Moodle (for Faculty):

The District’s Spring 2016 Moodle  will be located at 2016. We start with a new Moodle each semester. Please login using the same username and password you used in previous semesters. If you didn’t use those moodles, the default faculty login information is:

Username: this is your PROMT User ID

Password: this is your 8-digit Employee ID# – these are all numbers


If you have trouble logging in, please contact or Fabian Banga ( to have your password reset.


3. Check Your Course Shells:

After logging in, the links to your courses will display on the right side under “My courses” on the Moodle homepage.  To edit your Moodle profile or change your password, click on your name in the upper right corner or bottom of the page.


4. Check Your Participants List:

After the initial roster upload (about 2 weeks before classes start), please check your participants list to make sure students are being uploaded into your course. Your students will not be able to enter your course site until you open the course to them. Contact us ( if students are not appearing in your Participants list. Student uploads will be daily until Census Day.


5. Send a Welcome Email to Your Students (for online classes):

You can send the Welcome Email from your PROMT Roster page or from your Moodle course as a post from the “News Forum”. Additionally, from the Participants list, you can show all participants, select all (this checks the box in front of each name), and then select “Send an email message” from the drop-down menu. Enter your message in the text editor and then submit it.


We often receive inquiries from students about when their online class will begin. We inform them that they should receive a welcome email message sent via student email from their online instructors before the semester begins. We tell them to check their student email often ( or set it to redirect to another address. Lastly, we inform the students to check the BCC Distance Education website for instructor contact information and also where the BCC Bookstore site is located.


6. Open Your Course to Students:

There is a simple setting:

  • On your course homepage, click on Course administration > Edit settings.
  • At the top of the page, change the Visible setting from Hide to Show, and save. Click on the image below to enlarge it:
Visible setting to show course

Click to enlarge


Moodle Resources for Faculty:


If you have questions about the above, please contact me at or our DE group at



Fabian Banga

BCC Distance Education Coordinator


  • Distance Education at Berkeley City College

    Thursday 28 April 2016


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