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Hot Topics

How do I clear a pre-requisite?

Please fill out the BCC Prerequisite request form. Please attach your documentation, e.g. a copy of your transcript or placement recommendation. You can FAX the form and any attachments to us at (510) 981-2961.

How do I apply for concurrent enrollment program (CEP)?

Beginning Fall 2015, Concurrent Enrollment Program with UC Berkeley will not be available.  Please contact the Counseling Department in April for updated information.


How do I petition for AA/AS degree or Certificate?

Please go to the following link for instruction:

Reminder: Deadline to petition for AA/AS Degree or Certificate for Spring 2015 is March 20, 2015. All petitions MUST be submitted to the Counseling Office on or before March 20, 2015 for review.

How do I apply for the TAG with UC?

Please go to the following link to apply

Reminder: Deadline to apply for TAG for Fall 2015 is September 30, 2015



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