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Web Programming Sequence

Associate in Science Degree and Certificate of Achievement
Two-Year Course Sequence Beginning in the Fall Semester

You can use the following pattern to complete an Associate in Science degree or a Certificate of Achievement in Web Programming. This is only one possible pattern. If you wish to earn an associate degree or certificate, you must participate in the Student Success Program (Matriculation), which includes assessing academic skills and developing a Student Education Plan (SEP) with a counselor. This plan will map your sequence of courses to help you complete your degree regardless of the semester you begin classes. For further information, contact Dr. Paramsothy Thananjeyan, Department Chair, email: or telephone: (510) 981-28921.


Course Units
1st Semester/Fall
CIS 6 Introduction to Computer Programming 5
CIS 36A Java Programming Language I 4
CIS 105 Mechanics of Web Page Design 1
Total 10
2nd Semester/Spring
BUS 201 Business Communication 3
CIS 23 C# Programming 4
CIS 101/101L Survey of Programming Languages for the Web 3
MMART 130/130L Survey of Digital Imaging w/ Lab 3
Total 13
3rd Semester/Fall
CIS 81 Systems Analysis with UML 3
CIS 85 JSP and Servlets 4
CIS 103 Survey of Programming Languages for the Web (Continuation) 4
Total 11
4th Semester/Spring
CIS 83 Capstone Project 3
CIS 84 Database Programming for the Web 4
Total 7

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