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Welcome to the Chemistry Program

Chemistry is essential not only for majoring in chemistry, but in almost every area of science majors, including life sciences, physical sciences, environmental, and many professional degrees such as medical, engineering, and pharmacies.
At Berkeley City College we offer:

  • introductory General, Organic and Biochemistry courses;
  • college level General and Organic Chemistry courses.

CHEM 1A/B is a yearlong course in General Chemistry, which is first year college chemistry. It is heavy in math-related problems that require computational and critical thinking skills. You MUST have a good foundation in math, especially algebra. You are also expected to have writing skills to write laboratory reports. CHEM 1A/B is required for most science and engineering majors, including pre-med, pre-dental, pre-pharmaceutical, physical therapy and some engineering majors.
CHEM 12A/B is a yearlong course in Organic Chemistry (aka sophomore chemistry), with heavy workload in theory and practice of organic chemistry. The laboratory portion of the course requires a large portion of time commitment. You MUST have a solid year of General Chemistry 1A/B before attempting these courses. These courses are required for majors in chemistry, pre-med, pre-dental, pre-pharmaceutical, environmental sciences, and chemical engineering.
CHEM 30A/B is an Introductory General, Organic and Biochemistry Chemistry course. It is less math intense than CHEM 1A/B, although elementary algebra is required. The course is designed for students interested in allied health professions, such as nursing or dental hygiene. CHEM 30A is also a recommended preparation for CHEM 1A.

Courses are taught in small classes that provide better interactions between students and instructors.

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