LifeLong Berkeley Primary Care Health Center Opens at Berkeley City College

19 May 2013

Lifelong Berkeley Primary Care Health Center has opened at Berkeley City College in Rm. 122.


Where: Berkeley City College (2050 Center St), Room 122. Clinic room located on the 1st floor. Follow the signs.



Mondays: 4-8 pm. Drop-in hours are 4-6 PM. Appointments are 6-7:45 PM. Please call 510-684-2634 to schedule.

New Hours: Tuesdays: 1-3pm. Drop-in and appointments available


Who we are: LifeLong Medical Care is a non-profit community health center that provides high-quality healthcare for all individuals including those with limited income, as well as those who face significant barriers to attaining better health, with a positive, caring environment.


Our services: The LifeLong Berkeley Primary Care Wellness Clinic provides primary care services and family planning/reproductive health services at no-cost for teens, young adults, and adults. Priority given to Peralta students. Some of our services include:


· physical exams (for sports, work, volunteering, etc)

· sexual health (birth control, Plan B prescriptions, pap smears)

· sexually transmitted infection screenings

· health education

· routine health screening (blood pressure, temperature, etc)


In addition to health services, patients can be screened to receive healthcare coverage, including free family planning services. All registered patients are eligible to receive services at our main Berkeley Primary Care located just blocks away. These patients may also be transferred to other LifeLong Medical Care clinics.


For more information or to make an appointment, please call 510-684-2634.

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