Black History Month Event: First Civil Rights Movement 1829 – 1863, in BCC Atrium on Thurs., Mar. 14, Noon – 1 PM

6 March 2013

Remembering African Americans’ First Civil Rights Movement 1829 – 1863: with images of Harriet Tubman, Frances E.W. Harper, David Walker, Henry H. Garnet, Frederick Douglass, Charlotte Forten Grimke



The African American Culture Club is hosting a Black History Month event dedicated to the First Civil Rights Movement 1829 – 1863. This event will be held in the Atrium on Thursday, March 14th, from 12 – 1 pm, and will feature:

  • Staged Readings by Peralta District College Students
  • Special Guest Performances: Awon Ohun Omnira (Voices of Freedom)

Credits: This program was made possible by Alliance for California Traditional Arts, Poster Design by Donna Ayo, President of Unity Arts; Ramona Butler, AACC Advisor; Wanda Ravernell, Executive Director Omnira Institute)


Other events for Black History Month on Tuesdays include:


  • March 5 – BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Music & Poetry in the Atrium from 12-1pm
  • March 12 – BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Performing Artist: Mr. Quincy Taylor & Mr. Jerome Otis in Room 431 from 12-1pm
  • March 19 – BLACK HISTORY MONTH: Short documentary by BCC Student on “The Raquel E. Miller Story” & Profressional Artist Mr Oding Muata in Room 431 from 12-1pm


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