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Spring Semester Scholarships for BCC Students – Applications Due By April 1, 2013 to the Transfer & Career Information Center

5 March 2013

BCC Students: You may qualify for Peralta and other BCC related Scholarships!


To check requirements, see “Financial Aid & Scholarships Links” on the BCC website at:  and scroll down to the listings for the following scholarships:


∗ Jerry L. Adams Scholarship of the Berkeley Community Fund (for BCC students)


∗ Osher Scholarship for Berkeley City College Students


∗ Peralta Community College District Chancellor’s Trophy Award


∗ Peralta Foundation Scholarships – for BCC Students: John and Deborah Tunis Scholarship; Henry Fort Memorial Book Scholarship Award; Follett Bookstore Scholarship Award; Peralta Retirees Organization Scholarship Award; and Ruth Bittman Memorial Scholarship Award


Most Applications are due April 1st to Paula Coil in room 243 (in the Counseling wing), the BCC Transfer & Career Information Center. Download the flyer here.


If you have questions, contact Paula Coil at 981-2811 or email


Plan ahead and apply early — incomplete applications will not be competitive!


About the Transfer and Career Information Center:

Paula Coil, Coordinator
Phone: (510) 981-2811; email:


The College Transfer & Career Information Center is a resource for questions you have relating to choosing a major, a career, or selecting a transfer college or university. All materials in the Center, and all services provided, are for the purpose of helping students identify and come closer to their goals. A primary purpose of the Center is to support underrepresented students to discover and realize their career direction and educational goals.


Materials, Software, Events and Services to Support Student Transfer & Career Exploration include:
•College catalogs to review majors & course descriptions
•College handbooks and brochures – free material
On-line search for career exploration, majors, programs, and college information
UC & CSU transferable course lists (IGETC & CSU-GE)
•Opportunity to talk to college representatives (see monthly calendar)
•Transfer Basics workshop and information
•Career Exploration Basics workshop and information
•College applications and application workshops


The Center works in partnership with BCC Academic Counselors. Meeting with an academic counselor is often a first step in a student’s process to identify career and academic goals.


Come visit the Transfer & Career Information Center!

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