Important FINANCIAL AID DEADLINE for Students

6 February 2013

  • Transfer Students who will not be at BCC in fall 2013: FAFSA & Cal Grant filing period is open until March 2 (look into this now!)


Message from the University of California:  Applicants should file the FAFSA and Cal Grant GPA Verification Form to be considered for financial aid such as grants, work-study jobs and student loans.  Please encourage students to fill out the FAFSA (or the California Dream Act Application, if applicable), even if they think they may not qualify for financial aid. Almost two-thirds of UC students qualify for some sort of financial assistance.  The filing period for FAFSA, California Dream Act Application and Cal Grants ends March 2.


Helpful tip:  Under the “school selection” section, students must list each UC campus to which they have applied.


***Now is a good time to add all 4 year schools you applied to on your 2013-2014 FAFSA


  • BCC Students who will be here in the 2013-2014 academic year: 

Cal Grant filing period is open until March 2.  To apply for the Cal-Grant, applicants should file the FAFSA or California Dream Act application (AB540) and submit the Cal Grant GPA Verification form by the March 2nd deadline.


Students can still submit the FAFSA or California Dream Act application after March 2nd to apply for other aid such as the tuition fee waiver, work-study jobs and student loans.


Download a copy of the announcement here.



Questions?  Contact the Transfer & Career Information Center in Room 243, or BCC Financial Aid at the first floor counter.



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