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President : Valentino Calderon

My name is Valentino Calderon and I am  the ASBCC President of Berkeley City College.

As your previous ASBCC Communications Officer and PSC
Representative for Berkeley City College, my experience in
representing the student body in district-wide initiatives has
educated me greatly with how to navigate the politics of our
school system for the students’ advantage.
As your ASBCC President I will:
Facilitate a dynamic dialogue between students, faculty,
classified staff, and the administration.
Address broader issues such as the environmental crisis and the
role emerging technologies will play in education.
Work towards creating a dynamic, involved student body
community, right here, in BCC.


VP Of Administration: Thays Da Costa

Hello, I am Thays Da Costa. Born and raised in Brazil, I moved

to the United States in 2005. I’ve been a student at Berkeley
City College since fall of 2011, where I’ve fallen in love with
Political Science and undertaken it as a major. I’ve been highly
engaged at Berkeley City College, ensuring that I take advantage
of all resources it has to offer. I’m a current member of the Civic
Engagement Club, the Latin American Club, as well as the Health
and Nature Club. As of the 2012 fall semester, I  joined the
Judicial Council of Berkeley City College, where I  took on the
position of an Inter-Club Council Parliamentarian. These campus
commitments have offered life-changing experiences, as I’ve
not only learned how student government and clubs function,
but I’ve also made profound and meaningful relationships along
the way. As part of my extra curricular activities, I’ve interned
for the California Democratic Party and the United Nations
Associations, East Bay Chapter. As VP of Admin, I intend to
increase awareness of available internships, course guidance,
and community involvement. I strive to actively listen to my
peers and help bring innovative policies to the forefront, thereby
assisting in the academic success of all Berkeley City College
students. Let’s make BCC a
friendly environment where we can discover our passions and
achieve our full potential.


VP Of Programs : Justin Terry

Hi, my name is Justin Terry and I am the Vice President
of Programs. I was born and raised in Oakland, CA and I feel like
Berkeley is my second home. I’ve always wanted to help people, which
is what led me to Student Government as well as many other programs
at BCC. I am a psychology major and I have worked as a Student Safety
Aide to help assist the student population. I have held positions in
various clubs as an officer and I have helped organized events within a
club as well as from an administrative level. I am currently your Vice
President of Programs and look to continue the work I’ve started to
ensure that all the students have lots of fun events and extracurricular
activities in which to partake.


Communications Officer: Richard Lee



Treasurer: Malik Elhindi

My name is Malik Elhindi. I’ve been attending BCC for almost
two semesters so far and I think that it’s a great time to become
involved in ASBCC. After being educated internationally, I moved
to the wonderful Berkeley in 2010. I am currently planning on
becoming a Business Administration and Political Science double
major. I’ve decided to run as your ASBCC Treasurer for the 2013-
2014 school year. 
I’ve been exposed to over 30 cultures; sure I’m a hardworking,
organized, and determined individual. Sure I can do this job at
an exemplary level. But what really makes me stand out is that I
care. I love this college and I want to give back to you. I want you
to have an experience at Berkeley City College that will leave you
both satisfied and comfortable.


Secretary: Gabby Padiernos

I’m in my first semester in BCC after moving from Sacramento
and I hope to transfer to a four year university (CAL and UCLA
to name a few). I’m in the student
government’s secretary position because I’m attentive to detail,
have experience being secretary in ARC’s MUN club, and have
maintained a high GPA while working part time which shows I
know how to manage my time well and prioritize accordingly.
My main objective is to help make BCC a thriving community
in which students are inspired to strive for educational and
personal excellence.


Senator: Miles Campbell
I’ve been assisting students as a BCC College Ambassador
since the Fall of 2012. I’d like to use my experience in the role
to highlight issues at the campus that I have seen and heard
students and faculty alike complain about. I’ve been a part
of many of the schools clubs and organizations this semester
such as the Ambassador Program, the International Students
Association, and Spread the Word.
Being an Ambassador has shown me that despite Berkeley City
College being a great school, there’s still room for improvement.
Everyday students face new problems, and it’s a great feeling
when someone appreciates you for helping them overcome an
obstacle. As a senator I want to decrease the amount of obstacles
that incoming students will face. I have voluntarily sat in on the
roundtable faculty meetings. Been a part of school events such
as Mega day. I’d like to bring my experience to the ASBCC senate
so that we can continue to solve problems and make positive
change at Berkeley City College!


Senator: Sarah Miller
My name is Sarah Miller, I am an upcoming sophomore, and my
academic interests are psychology and political science. I am
originally from California, although I moved at a young age to
Singapore. Eventually returning to the states, I graduated from
high school in Vermont. There in Vermont I started to build a
strong background in volunteer work, as I am very interested
working with people and making a positive impact on the
larger community I am a part of. Having a few years of mentor
experience, mentee experiences from Berkeley, and practical
knowledge from student government involvement, I feel able
to assist students in becoming more communally active and


 Senator: Mangling Cho

Mangling Cho is an International/Development Studies major
at Berkeley City College. She was born and raised in Taipei,
Taiwan and moved to the US three years ago. Once in the US,
she resumed her education at BCC. Ever since, she has served
our community as a student ambassador and has worked as a
peer-advisor at the International Student Office at the Peralta
District. Through her volunteering and working experience on
campus, she has been able to interact and work with numerous
fellow students, thus acquiring a platform of understanding and
matters. Mangling has a voice for the student body,
especially for international students, which comprise a vast
majority of our campus’ population. But more than that, her
passion and experience for helping students will guide her to
provide access to students with more academic resources, such
as counseling, tutoring, and workshops.


Senator: Yeny


Senator: Destiny Reid

Who am I? My name is Destiny Reid, and I am currently a
student at BCC moving towards achieving a Bachelors degree
in Law and becoming a worldwide philanthropist. I am a
very determined person who refuses to settle for less. I have
always had an interest in the field, and I will achieve my goal
by maintaining the persistency in my efforts to better not just
myself, but also the people of whom I am surrounded by. Ten
years from now, I see myself being a successful individual who
approaches everything with alacrity. I hope to use my talents
by being a strong leader by helping to build and inspire my
colleagues by creating interactions that they feel that their
opinions are being heard in solving conflicts.
This is my first semester at BCC and I applied
for the senator position due to the fact that throughout my life I
have always been an active member in my community and I
would like to continue being the helpful person that I am today.
Moreover, being a senator  allows me to be involved in
planning the yearly curriculum and shoulder the responsibility
of organizing various events throughout the academic year. This
creates the opportunity to include topics of interest to the
students and also conduct activities that complement student
learning, as well as, make learning a fun experience for students.


Senator: Nate Heller

My name is Nate Heller and this is my first year serving as a Senator for Berkeley City College, though
I have spent the last two years collaborating with student governments throughout the Peralta
Community College District. I became an active student during my first semester (fall 2011) by joining
with a number of coalitions that were dedicated to fighting the budget cuts. Since then I have joined
with and lead a number of initiatives throughout the district, including the following: the “Drop the
Swap” Campaign, who’s focus it was to untangle Peralta from an unfortunate financial agreement with
the bank JP Morgan Chase; the founding of the Peralta Student Council, the first ever district wide
student council in Peralta who’s focus it is to facilitate communication amongst student leaders from all
four campuses; the student led movement to shift the culture of communication throughout the district
by helping to make both our human and technological communication systems more effective. I look
forward to spending my last year here as a representative of BCC and will continue in my efforts to be of
service to our students, and to our wider Peralta family.




Chief Justice: Jewell Soriano

My name is Jewell Soriano and I am a member of the Judicial Council, this is my second year at BCC. My interest in the Judicial Council was rooted in a sincere regard for the students at Berkeley City College. My experience living under legal constrictions has been amassed since birth, but more specialized experience has been developed from working in fields such as private medicine and workers unions, where the importance of knowing the law can never be overstated. Under unions I have seen how imperative it is to read the fine print. When ones job security is at stake, knowing exactly what your rights are within a corporate structure can mean the difference between fair and unequal treatment. I respect and care for the students at Berkeley City College because of their dedication to higher education. Since coming here I have met many bright and ambitious students who cast their sights to higher mounts than what many of them have come from. I  see it as a privilege to use my talents to their benefit in any way. 


Justice: Lanfu Zhang

Hello, dear BCC folks and the public! During the past two years, I studied Business Admin in Indiana University Bloomington, in the same time, served as a Resident Assistant for 60 students and held various leadership positions in multiple student clubs whose focuses range from students’ finance career enrichment to fund-raising for rural Chinese students. With all the previous extracurricular experience, I am better equipped to understand and provide solutions for student issues. Even though I just started my first semester at here, BCC community already made me feel at home. Thus, during this year, I will give back to our community by serving my best capacity in the student government! As a justice, I’m specializing in maintaining parliamentary procedures for our senate meetings as well as advising election committees from a law perspective. Please feel free to contact me regarding questions in these two fields.


Justice: Cassandra Christmas

My name is Cassaundra Christmas and I’m a political science major from Long Beach California. As a member of the judicial council, I have been entrusted with the vital role of ensuring that our Executive and Legislative branches operate in accordance with our governing documents. My job also entails aiding in interpreting our constitution and bylaws in the event of a grievance hearing. Thus far, I have found my role as a Justice to be an enriching and rewarding experience. I’m honored to be a part of such a dedicated group of students and take part in serving the BCC student community. After completing my undergraduate studies I hope to go on to Law School. I think I’ve always naturally gravitated towards opportunities to further my knowledge and understanding of legal processes. Before the judicial council, I participated in activates such as policy debate, mock-trial and volunteered in Southern California youth-courts. Most recently, I am excited to have collaborated with Justice Danny McCarty to charter and launch the newly formed Berkeley City College Speech and Debate team.  Outside of school, I am an associating manager at a local small business here in Berkeley. I take great pride in being a volunteer student organizer and supporter of ongoing efforts to improve the standard of living for low-income families in our community. I’m a California State Certified Crisis Counselor and volunteer with a local organization as an on-call advocate for survivors of sexual assault.  


Justice: Danny McCarty

Hello, my name is Danny McCarty and I am currently embarking on my second semester at Berkeley City College. Recently I decided to shift my major to political science, and I plan to eventually develop a specialty in environmental policy. Ever since I began my experience here in the Spring 2013 semester, I became interested in the school’s student government operations. I was anxious to become active in the ASBCC to further educate myself and to ultimately give my efforts back to the student body. After learning a wealth of knowledge at the Peralta Student Council Leadership Retreat, I was ready to begin serving in the ASBCC. Since being appointed to the Judicial Council, the task of interpreting the various governing documents has enhanced my knowledge of what constitutes student life. I feel honored to represent the students of this progressive college.  I encourage students to reach out to me if they have any questions or concerns!




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