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ASBCC Council Roster





My name is Brianna Rogers, and I am honored to be ASBCC President. I am also co-chair of the academic committee in BCC’s very own Black Student Union, and am a natural leader in the classroom. Born and raised in Berkeley, I am a passionate, seasoned leader in my community. My college experience began in 1999 at San Francisco State where I quickly realized that I wasn’t prepared. 15 years later, I am back with a purpose! I am a mother of a 14 year-old future concurrently enrolled BCC student. Needless to say, I am committed to ensuring that we all have access to every resource available. I am in EOPS, DSPS, PACE, and CalWORKS so I have the firsthand knowledge of how programs run here on campus. Having experienced the disappointment of failing the first time, I’m now fully walking in my purpose in life as a leader. I have the life experience needed to guide us towards reaching our educational goals in the most efficient manner. Also, I’m committed to “keeping the train moving” as my goal is to see all of us win! As AS President I can guarantee that I will lead in such a way that will make us desire to step up to greatness. I’m a strong believer in allowing your work to speak for itself, and I have the assertive manner necessary to make change occur. I’m focused, intentional, committed, and ready to LEAD & SERVE!



Vice President of Administration


AS Senator (Armstrong)


Interim Vice President of Programs

Languages/Dialects: English, Beginning ASL

Hello BCC! My name is Matthew Armstrong, and apart from being a Senator of the ASBCC, I am a third semester political science student from Lafayette, California. I am a member of a variety of clubs here at BCC, most notably the Milvia Street Journal where I head the prose selection committee. When I’m not studying, or engaged in one the many programs BCC has to offer, I can be found most often perusing through books at Half Price Books or catching up on the latest adventures of Spiderman and Batman at Fantastic Comics. As Interim VP of Programs, I hope to represent the interests of the student body and foster a sense of community at our school. Over the course of the semester, I look forward to working not only with the ASBCC, but also with you students on making Berkeley City College the best it can be!




Vice President of Finance

Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin (Chinese)

Hey, everyone! I’m Matt Gregory, Vice President of Finance for the Associated Students of Berkeley City College. I’m a computer science major with the goal of working in education. I joined the ASBCC council with a desire to give back to the incredible college and community that has provided me with such amazing learning and opportunities. I want to contribute to our diverse student body having the same positive experience at BCC that I’ve had. I will support strong student clubs and activities on campus, and ensure that we allocate resources effectively to ensure an efficient and productive academic experience for our community. I’m looking forward to another great semester!




Vice President of Public Relations

Hello! My name is Begonia Herbert and I am the Vice President of Public Relations for the Associated Students of Berkeley City College. I was born in Santa Cruz, California and have lived all over the country! I have been studying at Berkeley City College since 2012 and will be graduating with an AA in Arts and Humanities in 2016. I am also pursuing a BA in Psychology.  I served as the 2014-2015 Inter-Club Council Representative to the ASBCC before being elected to Vice President of Public Relations. Outside of my responsibilities to the AS, I run a chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy at BCC. Together, students have the power to change our communities and our country. I strive to build the image of the ASBCC to further attract driven, talented students to represent the student population in shared governance on campus, as well as on the district and state level. Thus we will improve our ability to represent the wishes, desires and needs of the largest population on campus; the students.





Hello everyone! My name is Samantha Rushing and I am the Secretary for the Associated Students of Berkeley City College. I moved from Stockton, CA to Berkeley last year and am currently in my second year at BCC, majoring in English literature. Like many students attending BCC, I do not fit into the mold of the traditional student; I am a first generation college student while also being a single parent returning to school. I work on campus for the EOPS/CARE and CalWORKs programs, as well as the English Department as a writing coach. After working this past year for these programs, I have learned about the multitude of supportive services offered here at BCC and have begun to hear the needs and concerns of underrepresented students. I have joined the student council in an effort to help these students’ voices be heard. Although my experience at BCC so far has been supporting underrepresented students, my goal is to represent the Student Body as a whole, to the best of my ability.



AS Senator (Carmody)


Senator – Primary Services

Languages/Dialects: English, Spanish

Hello, my name is Andrew Carmody and I am the Senator of Primary Services. I have been at BCC for three semesters and spent two so far as a member of the ASBCC. I am a business major and I am looking to become an entrepreneur in the future. I am always open to great conversations and innovative ideas and I like meeting new people. Also, I love the outdoors and outdoor activities like hiking and camping. My goal as a Senator is to serve the BCC population and help make every student’s experience here a great one. Please feel free to contact me if there are any projects having to do with Primary Services that you may have in mind.


AS Senator (Cho)


Senator – Academic Services

Languages/Dialects: English, Korean

Hello fellow BCC students! My name is Heesoo Cho, and I’m the Senator of Academic Services. I’m from South Korea and I came to Berkeley two years ago with the hopes of majoring in Business. My focus is to work closely with the Learning Resources Center, tutoring services, BCC Learning Communities, and Honor Society. Besides being a senator, I have been a Math Tutor for the Learning Resource Center since 2014. This year as an accounting tutor, I better assist students with problem solving and clarifying concepts in order to help them better adjust in the academic environment. Furthermore, I chartered the Berkeley City College Lions’ Club in 2014 where as President, I primarily serve the blind, youth, and the local community. Through my experiences, I learned that the best way to help people is to accurately analyze the need, be responsible of making myself available to them, and try my best to reflect their needs in hopes of making a positive outcome.


AS Senator (Cruz)


Senator – Information & Organization Systems

Languages/Dialects: English, Tagalog (Filipino), Kapampangan, Beginning Spanish

Greetings! I am Dave Cruz, your Information & Organization Systems Senator for the Associated Student Council. This is my third semester at BCC and I intend to apply for transfer to the UC/CSU system as an International Relations Major in Fall 2016. With my profound passion for leadership and making a positive impact in the society, I started my ASBCC journey in Spring 2015 which not only honed my leadership and interpersonal skills, but also made me more aware of the issues concerning over 2.4 million students in over 100 California Community Colleges. With that, I will make necessary actions in order for my three envisaged goals to become reality. These goals include: 1) keeping students involved, informed and updated through social media and website, 2) representing students and advocating for their rights in shared governance and committee meetings both on-campus and at the state level, and 3) providing prospective and continuing students ease of access to BCC Student Services. Lastly, apart from being a full-time student, I dedicate my time as a volunteer BCC Student-Ambassador, Founder & President of BCC Filipino Students Alliance, and enjoy singing as well as learning Spanish on my free time. “Philippians 4:13.”



Interim Senator – External Affairs


AS Senator (Levin)


Senator – Campus Sustainability

Languages/Dialects: English, Russian

My name is Sarah and this is my third semester at Berkeley City College. I am a Biology major with interests in public service. I am very excited to be a part of ASBCC as the Senator of Campus Sustainability. I am honored to have the opportunity to promote zero waste, educate students on various environmental issues, facilitate informative environmental events/workshops, and provide sustainable resources for students on campus. My mission is to make sustainability easy, accessible, and fun!


AS Senator (Manrique)


Senator – Special Populations (I)

Langages/Dialects: English, Spanish

Hi, my name is Gabriela Manrique and I am one of the Special Populations Senators. I came from Guatemala a year ago to pursue a major in Robotics Engineering. In my free time, I play basketball. I also enjoy solving programming and math problems. Because of those, I work in the front desk of BCC’s Learning and Resource Center as well as a Math tutor. Also, I created the Coding Club where as President, I organized and achieved different projects such as providing free classes about basics of programming to BCC students. These roles made me more familiar with the tutoring services and other resources BCC has to offer the diverse population at Berkeley City College. I am convinced that I couldn’t achieve all these goals if it wasn’t for my passion for providing and assisting students with resources to empower them academically. Since I am from a country where only 25% of the population know how to read, this is almost nonexistent for students that attend college. Therefore, I can see how important and powerful education is. And I feel obligated in helping others innovate ideas, create resources and share them with others.  These are the reasons why I am serving as a senator. I will be really happy to meet you and make your experience at BCC better.


AS Senator (Sibhatu)


Senator – Special Populations (II)

Languages/Dialects: English, Amharic, Tigrigna

Hey there! My name is Shishay Sebhatu and I am one of the Special Population Senators. I have been part of the Peralta Community Colleges for two years, and it helped me grow in various ways. I am a political science major, which is a Pre-law major before going to law school in the future. In addition to my educational careers and goals, I’m also a captain at the Merritt College soccer team, the only team in the Peralta Community College District. Being not born in the United States also helped me to be multi-cultured or easily accepting to different life styles, and with that I hope to reach as many students as I can and be able to provide the necessary skills to excel at this school together. I have a huge hope to strike you expectations as part of the ASBCC community. Regards!


Senator Jorge


Senator – Community Building

Languages/Dialects: English, Spanish

My name is Jorge Rico, current president of the Latin American Club and newly-appointed senator in the ASBCC. I am 21 years old working part time as a banker for Wells Fargo and at my family business called Leon Western Wear. One of my goals is to make an impact in the student community by influencing them to get involved at school by joining a club or starting a new club. I want to share the skills that I have gained so that they may also become influential within their communities. I believe that it is essential for students to get involved politically, academically, and economically. Let’s make it happen as a team!


AS Senator (Zheng)


Senator – Student Transfers

Languages/Dialects: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Hello everyone! My name is Cathy, and I am the Senator of Student Transfers. I have been studying in BCC for three semesters, and I plan to transfer to a UC as a Business Major on May 2016. I enjoy traveling a lot; in fact, I have traveled almost around the world and was able to see and experience other countries’ culture which includes the United States, European Union, parts of Asia, Oceania and 12 provinces in China. I love the diversity in BCC because it gives students an opportunity to be introduced to people from all around the world. As a Senator representing the student public, I will be focusing on three main obligations. First, let more students know about ASBCC, and give them information on where to ask if they need any help. Next, provide students with more knowledge about the school’s transfer service and have them start with the courses they would need for transfer. Lastly, get students involved with workshops, activities, and programs. I would also like to make friends and help students solve their problems. Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions or thoughts relating to transferring. Thank you!



JC - 1


Chief Justice

Greetings!  I am Nicole Rodgers, Chief Justice of the Judicial Council and Chairperson of the Documents Committee. Outside of student government and being a full-time student, I am  President of the Global Studies Club and Founder of the Disaster Preparedness Club here at Berkeley City College.  I volunteer my time to various local initiatives that help educate and improve my community. I am on the Berkeley Community Emergency Response Team’s Special Events and Exercises Unit, and I work with the city to coordinate educational outreach events for residents and under-served populations in the Bay Area.

I am passionate about connecting students to resources and making those resources more accessible to all facets of our student body. I am pursuing my degree in Global Studies at BCC so that I may transfer to a 4-year institution to study Peace and Conflict Studies and Geography.

My background is in GIS, aid work, crisismapping, domestic and international nonprofit leadership, and community building. Please come visit me during my office hours to learn about the wonderful resources available to you as a student of our great school!


JC - 2


Associate Justice – Archives

Languages/Dialects: English, Tagalog (Filipino)

Hello! My name is Marian Gonzales. First and foremost, I’d like to acknowledge the remarkable community that the students, faculty, and staff of Berkeley City College has and continues to build and I am honored to be a part of it. As a member of the ASBCC, I hope to be an upstanding representative of our students, working to strengthen our voice and relationships with one another and with our institution. Outside of my academic career and participation in student government, I am the President of the Anthropology Student Association and the Co-founder of the Filipino Students Alliance. Education, learning, and interpersonal connections are integral to my life and I hope to share my ardor for academia with you all.


JC - 3


Justice – Finance

Hello, my name is Ian Jansen and I serve on the ASBCC Judicial Council as the Justice of Finance. This is my third semester at BCC, second in the JC, and I am currently going through general education class and working toward a career in legal consulting. I joined student government because I had a desire to learn more about the inner workings of the school and to help students in whatever way I could. In my position as a Justice, this means ensuring that all processes, expenditures, and actions we take as a student government are in line with our governing documents and state law. I obsessively attempt to learn anything and everything. Anytime there’s a question or debate on something I’ll try my best to find the answer as quickly as possible and I feel that serves me well in my position. If there’s a question or problem to be solved, I’ll get you the answer.


JC - 4


Justice – Grievances

Languages/Dialects: English, Spanish

Salutations, my name is Lorenzo Lewis, and I serve as the Grievance Justice on the  ASBCC Judicial Council. A little about myself, my major as of now is Political Science and Economics, but I find myself exploring other disciplines frequently. I am quite fickle with my interests and intended major so I wouldn’t hold myself to it for too long. This is my second semester at BCC, but certainly not my last. I intend on moving to Marseille, France next year to do a bit of livin’, but will come back to wrap up the few credits I have left at BCC in hopes of transferring to Cal or UCLA. I served as ASBCC Academic Services Senator on Spring 2015 and plan on continuing my effort to better this amazing school through my role as Justice. I am thrilled to be working with the Associated Students here at Berkeley City College because my love for this institution runs deep. I have hopes of making strides to deliver a more efficient and intimate experience here at BCC and if you have any questions, please contact me.


JC - 5


Justice – Inter-Club Council (ICC)

Hello, my name is Charles Phillips. I am a philosophy major here at Berkeley City College. I am specifically the Inter Club Council Representative of the Judicial Council (JC), the liaison between BCC’s clubs and the ASBCC Judicial Council, making sure all State and college laws, and regulations are followed and observed. I got involved with the JC because of my passion for ethics and my desire to help create a legal environment focused towards the students it affect, rather than the bureaucracy surrounding the legislature. I welcome any questions or discussion on the laws and systems surrounding ASBCC from any students or faculty (or if you just want to drop in and discuss philosophy, I’m more than happy to indulge.) On a more personal note, when I’m not working, going to class, or doing homework, I’m indulging in my hobbies of literature, community theater and acting, and translating ancient Greek texts.





Interim Director of Student Activities & Campus Life

I am happy to have the opportunity to serve as the Interim Director of Student Activities & Campus Life at BCC this fall semester.  The group of student leaders in the ASBCC is very dedicated, and I’m inspired by their commitment and energy.  My work at Berkeley City College, since 1999, has been in student services areas related to orientation, assessment, career exploration, and transfer; I’ve also had the opportunity to teach our introductory political science course.   Throughout my work, I strive to focus on student empowerment and leadership development – supporting ALL students to acknowledge and embrace the ways they are leading their lives here at BCC, in their classes, and in all aspects of life outside of campus.   Student success and learning is what we are here for, and all students are student leaders.  Please stop by the ASBCC Office at Room 57, or the Campus Life office across the hall at Room 56, and explore how you can get more engaged and connected on campus.


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