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 Executive Board

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President: Danny McCarty 

Salutations! My name is Danny McCarty, and I am the President of the Associated Students of Berkeley City College. I became involved with the student government operations here at BCC during Fall 2013. I served as a member of the Judicial Council for two semesters and gradually became accustomed to the governing documents constituting our procedures, as well as furthered my understanding of the decision-making process that takes place on behalf of the students. As your President, I aim to do the following:
1. Establish a thriving community on campus that integrates the students’ needs and concerns into the actions taken on behalf of the ASBCC
2. Ensure efficiency within the ASBCC to promote arts, academics, and culture on campus
3. Develop a better understanding of the campus, district, and statewide mandates constituting our lives as students, to ultimately serve as a well-informed advocate on behalf of the students in the decision-making process.

I wish you all a wonderful experience here at Berkeley City College!

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Vice President of Administration: Sarah Miller

My name is Sarah Miller, I am the Vice President of Administration, and this will be my third year at Berkeley City College. I have been involved with the Associated Students of Berkeley City College since the end of my first semester because of my interest in strengthening and widening the role students play at our college on a political and social level. Since my beginning at B.C.C., I have met and worked with countless inspired, intelligent, and motivated individuals from all walks of life. My experiences in living and studying both in the United States and overseas has led me to realize the importance of access to quality education and a safe, supportive community in which students can thrive within. The nature of education is evolving to the point where it is paramount for everyone to obtain a higher degree – while the cost of it soars concurrently. I see community college as a practical path for many, as do the millions of others filling up college classrooms nationwide. If I can make higher education more accessible by representing student needs in a way that manifests itself culturally and legislatively, my role as an associated student is complete.

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Vice President of Programs: Rudrani Ghosh

My name is Rudrani Ghosh, and I am the Vice President of Programs for the Associated Students of Berkeley City College. I am in my sophomore year of schooling and am majoring in Political Science and Psychology. My interests in social and political culture has motivated me to join ASBCC and represent the needs of students so that we can achieve our aspirations. I wish to positively impact the collegiate community through a forum for clubs and student activities. Through collaboration, our council can create a community that encourages individuals, fosters creativity, and upholds the determination inherent within us to succeed. I hope that our efforts and our endeavors to instill positive change within our community will be supported by our fellow students, our staff and administration and our college.

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Communications Officer: Noelle Atkins

Hello, Berkeley City College community! My name is Noelle Atkins and I am the Communications Officer for the Associated Students of BCC. I was born and raised in San Francisco and this is my second year at BCC. I am majoring in Sociology and am applying for transfer this Fall. I joined the AS because I wanted to give representation to the diverse population of students who attend our college. My role as Communications Officer is to ensure that administration, faculty, and students are all on the same page and have a clear idea of the events and opportunities that are available at our college. I am excited to be apart of the AS and I hope to improve efficiency and communication within BCC. I wish you all a productive and fun 2014-2015 school year!

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Secretary: Amel Alkaheli

My name is Amel Alkaheli, and I am the Secretary for the ASBCC. This is my first year at Berkeley City College. Although I am majoring in Nursing, I volunteer my time in various projects because I enjoy being active within the community. Previously, I interned for the El Cerrito City Hall, where I was involved in drafting a smoking regulation ordinance.  I am passionate about impacting my community in a positive manner and with my passion and past experiences, I hope to assist the student at Berkeley City College.

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Senator: Iman Abdella

My name is Iman Abdella and I am currently in my second year at Berkeley City College. Since I have always had an interest in the field of public policy and human advocacy, I decided to join the Associated Student Body of Berkeley City College as a Senator. I plan to double major in Political Science and Sociology, and possibly minor in Political Economy. My interests within this subject really developed through my sociological background: my geographical origins and the impact of my culture, religion, and other factors have on the many different issues and barriers being faced today in my home countries. Coming from a Yemeni-Ethiopian background, I was exposed to the politics at play within the two countries. The ways in which culture, religion, and gender formulate the structures of how our society develops triggered my interest within this field of work. As a Senator of ASBCC, I plan to utilize my interest in this field to advocate for my fellow students and represent the different limitations we, as a group, find to be of issue.

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Senator: Malique Banks

My name is Malique Banks and I am a Senator for the Associated Students of Berkeley City College.  Originally from Roseville, California, I moved to the Bay Area for a new lifestyle and was instantly infatuated with the diverse cultures and the unique individuals of the Bay Area. I began schooling in the Peralta Community College District in the Fall of 2012 as a Business Administration major. I plan to apply for transfer this Fall. I am involved with the clubs on campus, and I serve as the Treasurer of the Business Club. I also run a club called the Student Art Collective. Over the past year, I have become very familiar with the programs at BCC that can aid students on and off campus. I hopes to strengthen this amazing community with focus on community building.

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 Senator: Ryan Jaeger

Hi Students of Berkeley City College, my name is Ryan Jaeger and I serve as a Senator in the ASBCC. This is my first year at BCC, and I look furthering my education and making connections with our diverse student body and faculty. I graduated from San Rafael High School in Marin County and am working toward transferring in another year. As a Senator I will do my best to ensure that students have the most opportunities to fulfill their educational goals, and be part of our community in the process. Feel free to contact me with issues that matter to you, and together we’ll make this year a success!

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Senator: Kaydee Miller

My name is Kaydee Miller and I am an ASBCC Senator. I have been attending Berkeley City College for a year and a half, and throughout my time here I have been in various clubs as well as being involved with ASBCC. I am a Mathematics major with the goal to teach math in community college after I graduate. My long term goal is to be an integral part of representing the student body while I attend BCC, because I feel it is important for everyone’s voices to be heard. I encourage all those who are interested to come join us in improving our experience here at BCC!

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Senator: Jonathan Tang

Hello all BCC Students, my name is Jonathan Tang and I am a Senator for the Associated Students of BCC. This is my third year in Berkeley City College and I am majoring in Economic. I am originally from Hong Kong and I moved to California three years ago. In the past two years, I have been an inactive student at BCC. In my final year, I joined the  International Students Association, and I made a lot of new friends. I saw that there are a lot issues faced by students everyday that could be improved. This realization inspired me to join the Associated Students and become actively involved in improving the our college before I graduate. My main objective is to improve the facility as much as we can to provide a good academic environment to all BCC students, in order to help them achieve their goals as students.

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Senator: Yucui Wen

My name is Yucui Wen, and I am an international student from China, studying Business at Berkeley City College. In the past, I have worked as a Student Ambassador to help students solve school related issues. I am now a Peer Advisor for BCC Service Community and the VP of Finance (Treasurer) for the International Student Association. Through my volunteering and working experience on campus, I have gained a lot of knowledge about school activities and transfer related resources. I would like to bring my experiences to Berkeley City College and to ASBCC so that student can have more information about transfer and campus activities. I am enthusiastic and optimistic about working with ASBCC!

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Judicial Council


Chief Justice: Bonnie Cherry

My name is Bonnie Cherry, and I am entering my second year at BCC. I was raised in rural Kansas, and consider myself a nontraditional student in many ways: I am a first generation college student, a returning student, a cancer survivor, and mother to a brilliant two year old girl named Seva. I am constantly amazed at the resources BCC has to offer to nontraditional students, and I am proud to be involved in such a progressive and diverse learning community.

In the years before college, when I was working full time in order to earn health insurance, I worked as a community organizer and grant writer for several nonprofits. I also served two terms as an AmeriCorps VISTA with indigenous cultural and resource centers. This work, along with my work as a community organizer, gave me invaluable hands on experience in the development of and adherence to governing documents and policies. It also informed my academic interests: the questions of citizenship, of forced migration, and the human rights of refugees and stateless people.

I am excited to serve on the Judicial Council at BCC as the Chief Justice. My goals are to help the ASBCC make our projects sustainable, as well as to find ways to more fully represent the needs and interests of nontraditional students in student government.

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Justice: Fernando Jimenez

Hello, my name is Fernando Jimenez and I am a Justice in the ASBCC. I was born in Guatemala, but I was raised in Oakland, CA. This is my second year at BCC and my second year being involved in Student Government. I am a Political Science and Law major and I think being in Student Government and in several Clubs in school gives me a lot of experience in my field of study. During my time in Student Government I have met many amazing people that make up our student body here at BCC and I could not be more glad to be representing the students of this college.

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Justice: Mel Maniwan

Hello, my name is Mel Maniwan and I am a member of the Judicial Council. My primary goal this year is to assist the student body in building the necessary set of documents that will build the foundations for institutional memory for future AS and Inter-Club councils to refer to when the need arises. My intent is also to better communicate documents that govern club bureaucracy, particularly with regards to club funding, especially for events that are time sensitive. It is my belief that this will reduce confusion with regards to the procedures, while also empowering people who are in clubs or who want to form clubs.

Contact Mel here.


Justice: Ghazal Rezvani

My name is Ghazal Rezvani and I am entering my second year at Berkeley City College. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, and I am thankful to be surrounded and constantly inspired by the great diversity that encompasses this area. I enjoy engaging with other individuals, as well as being an advocate for social justice, which is why I plan to pursue a career in social work/social services. While interning at a congressional office, I realized that the full capacity in which one can assist an individual, relies on the law. Hence, I am very excited to serve as a member of the Judicial Council. As I Justice, I not only ensure the constitutionality in the actions of the ASBCC, but I also work collaboratively with others in the ASBCC, to make any necessary reforms in governing documents that can improve the experience of students at Berkeley City College.

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Mostafa Ghous is the Director of Student Activities and Campus Life. In the past, Mostafa has worked extensively with community colleges in California to promote student involvement on campus. At Solano Community College, Mostafa worked with as the director of the Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement Program (MESA), Student Development Center and Student Health Center.  He has mentored and led students to fulfill their academic endeavors, successfully. At Berkeley City College, Mostafa is looking forward to helping students build personal and professional skills in order to provide them with an opportunity to be involved in their own communities.

Contact Mostafa here.

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