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Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources

PCCD (Peralta Community College District) Documents
Guidelines to Implement for Associate Degrees and Certificates (Board Policy 5.20)

Program Course Approval Process Mannual rev 2002 (For Faculty & Administrators, 66 pp)

Bloom’s Taxonomy: CurricUNET Chart provides verbs which can be useful for the “exit skills” section of the course outline – cognitive, affective, and psychomotor outcomes, particularly those from the higher three levels of Bloom’s taxonomy, which relate to higher order critical thinking



UC Transferability Defined (UC-TCA)

CSU Transferability Defined


CSU (California State University) EXECUTIVE ORDERS

E.O. 167 Transfer of Credit

E.O. 1033 CSU-GE Breadth Requirements

E.O. 405 U.S. History, Consitution, & American Ideals (CSU Graduation Requirement)

What are the CSU Reviewers looking for when reviewing course outlines to meet E.O. 405?

Course Outline Review Criteria Matrix for E.O. 405

ASSIST Help: U.S. History, Consitution, & American Ideals

E.O. 918 LDTP (Lower Division Transfer Patterns)

LDTP Home Page (Web Links to Patterns, Descriptors, and Newsletter)


Hints for Making Outlines Acceptable for CSU-GE Breadth

CSU-GE Area A (English Language Communication & Critical Thinking)

CSU-GE Area B (Scientific Inquiry & Quantitative Reasoning)

CSU-GE Area C (Arts & Humanities)

CSU-GE Area D (Social Sciences)

CSU-GE Area E (Lifelong Learning & Self-Development)

CSU-GE Breadth Requirements Review Guide

Lower Division General Education for Students Transferring to the CSU

CSU-GE Breadth Reqs./IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) Comparison

IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum)

IGETC Information

Area 1 (English Communication)

Area 2 (Mathematical Concepts & Quantitative Reasoning)

Area 3 (Arts & Humanities)

Area 4 (Social & Behavioral Sciences)

Area 5 (Physical & Biological Sciences)

Area 6A (Language Other Than English: LOTE)

IGETC – Course Review Guidelines


New IGETC Standards (ver 1.2)

IGETC Notes (archive information):  Notes #1 Notes #2 Notes #3

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